As a kid I loved growing up in Orland Park, playing OYA baseball and basketball, and of course attending Carl Sandburg High School. Today as mayor of Orland Park, I know that our community still remains a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. Serving as mayor of my hometown is the honor of a lifetime, but it shouldn’t be a lifetime job, nor should the jobs of village trustees or the clerk be lifetime positions.

When I ran for mayor in 2017, I said that enacting term limits would be a top priority during my tenure, and I am keeping that promise. This November, when you vote for President, Congress, and all the other state and county offices you’ll see on your ballot, you will also have the opportunity to vote on a term limits referendum for Orland Park’s mayor, village clerk, and trustees.

I passionately believe that no one should be a career politician and that fresh blood and fresh thoughts are always needed on the village board. This important binding referendum returns power to the people by limiting all Orland Park elected officials moving forward to a maximum of three four-year terms.

This is an important opportunity for our village to show that we believe in what our founding fathers believed—a government made up of citizens, not politicians.

Please make sure to sign up here to receive a yard sign for your lawn showing you support term limits and good government in Orland Park.

Let’s get term limits passed on November 3rd!